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Dr. Carol Bokan, certified Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga instructor, teaches chair and gentle yoga classes at Living Well, Bristol, Vermont
Dr. Carol Bokan Teaches Beginning Senior Chair Yoga Classes, Living Well Assisted Living Facility, Bristol Vermont

Wise Women VT offers senior chair yoga classes and group workshops. We also offer gentle mat yoga for those able to do mat or floor exercise. Our courses are designed to meet the unique needs of older women in senior living communities, senior centers and yoga studios. We specialize in delivering yoga to independent senior living and assisted living facilities. Private yoga classes and instruction are also available.

Why Beginning Chair Yoga for Seniors?

Chair yoga is a type of gentle yoga that teaches participants how to achieve traditional yoga poses while safely seated in a chair. Students duplicate yoga poses traditionally done on hands and knees, on the floor or on a mat.
All positions are done while seated in a chair rather than on the floor. Sitting reduces strain on joints (knees, hips, wrists). Seated yoga makes stretching easier for anyone who suffers from mobility disabilities, balance issues or muscular disease. Breath work and meditative exercises are included in the practice of chair yoga.
Research studies have shown that seated yoga for beginners benefits seniors of all ages. It is especially beneficial to those who are at high risk for falling. Seated yoga eases physical pain. It reduces the fears and anxiety that often accompany mobility challenges in independent and assisted living.
Yoga exercises both the body and the mind. It provides an opportunity for gentle movement of body and spirit. Self-reflection, relaxation, empowerment and intention setting are also taught in these classes.

Gentle and Chair Yoga Class List

Wise Women VT offers these workshops as a means to unwrap the gifts of gentle yoga and take them with you from the chair or mat into daily living.

Gentle Chair Yoga

            Individual Classes OR Multi-Class Series

Simple Gifts

            Individual Classes OR Multi-Class Series

Yoga & Journaling

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Dr. Carol Bokan, a senior and Kripula certified yoga teacher, models a Lakshmi Voelker chair yoga class pose
Dr. Carol Bokan, Certified Lakshmi-Voelker Chair Yoga Instructor, models a chair yoga pose for a gentle yoga class for seniors

Benefits of Yoga Classes for Seniors

Senior chair yoga classes in Bristol, VT improve banance and mood
Gentle yoga sitting in the mountains by Lake Champlain, Burlington, Vermont

Gentle yoga addresses the needs of seniors as well as people with mobility impairment or muscle strength issues. Chair yoga increases strength, flexibility, and balance whether these issues are brought on by aging, chronic disease, or joint and spinal deterioration.

Seated yoga can also help those injured by disease or surgery to safely practice muscle and joint movement until they are strong enough to engage again in traditional mat yoga or exercise.

Research consistently shows that chair yoga can benefit many populations, including:

Active Retirees / Seniors
Independent Living Residents
Nursing Home Residents
Wheelchair Users / Walker Users


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